Seasonal Special – Tooth Fish, Sea Cucumber and Beef Ribs

Tooth Fish Series

Tooth Fish not only has a creamy and rich texture that satisfies our appetites, but also an immense nutrition value that benefits our health. It has high protein and vitamin contents, but minimal saturated fats. Gold Leaf offers a range of Tooth Fish dishes including claypot Tooth Fish in Taiwanese Style 3 Wines Sauce and crispy salt and chilli pepper Tooth Fish – indulge you in a healthy and tasty Tooth Fish feast at Gold Leaf.

Braised Whole Sea Cucumbers Series

Sea Cucumbers possess a vast amount of collagen which is extremely good for our skin, they also have a wide range of health benefits like improving immune systems. Gold Leaf uses high quality whole sea cucumbers to create deliciousness for everyone – our sea cucumbers are soaked in chicken soup for 2 days before braised and served – the dishes are truly an art that Gold Leaf creates for your taste buds.

Beef Spare Rib Series

We highly recommend our chefs’ specialty beef spare rib series. The beef spare ribs are cooked to perfection – it is so good that you will enjoy it to bits, even the tendons around the bones! Try our signature claypot beef spare rib in black pepper sauce with enoki mushrooms or lemongrass beef spare ribs to experience the juicy and tender beef spare ribs that Gold Leaf brings to you.